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After a solid month of hanging in my wardrobe, gathering a fine layer of dust, it was a drizzly, grey day that provided the perfect opportunity for this coat's first outing. Mostly because this is my *only* 'nice' practical coat (I use the term 'practical' loosely, purely because it's slightly longer and more waterproof than my other coats), but I must say I cannot believe I've waited this long to wear it! I am truly in love with it. Red is for sure one of my favourite colours and one that I feel I do suit well due to my fair (some say 'ghostly'?) skin and dark hair. With the added detail of the subtle croc print in the coat, it truly is a statement but one that is a surefire way of adding some drama to a look.

The thing I love about this coat is it's ability to layer, with it being a fairly lightweight, thin material - an option that my hefty faux fur coats do not allow. Now, I'm sure you all are more than aware by now of my undying LOVE for animal print, so obviously I crammed as much of it as I could into one outfit. (Although having said that, I'm now thinking that this outfit definitely could have handled some snake skin boots too, no?) This leopard print bag adds so much sass to an outfit! The print, the texture, it's to die for! Paired with a pop of zebra print underneath my checked shirt made the perfect clash of prints and to be totally honest, this is one of my favourite outfits for a while.

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