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Childhood birthdays usually consist of one of three things: class party at the local community centre, bowling, or the cinema. On my tenth birthday, we did the latter. Despite the fact the entirety of the day would be spent sat in a pitch black room where not a single person would see my outfit, it was my birthday, so obviously I was still going to take incredible care and precision in my choice of attire. I'd just received a burgundy cord dress and matching baker boy cap, so decided to wear the two together accompanied by glittery tights.

I guess the moral of that little re-cap into my childhood was that, fashion comes back around. Corduroy? Check. Glitter tights? Check! Baker boys? CHECK! As of today I'm going to start looking back at my childhood photographs for inspiration (possibility for a future embarrassing but also fashion-packed post?).  Despite being a lover of hats in my pubescent years, if you'd asked me a year ago if I'd wear a baker boy hat, my answer would've been a whole lot different than it is today.

It truly has become my go-to accessory this Winter, and now I'm struggling to imagine how I managed the past ten years without one? I mean, how does one take an elegant OOTD when our face is covered by unruly hair? A hat, of course! (Bright red colour choice / Postman Pat vibes optional.) Although if, like myself, you quite enjoy giving a middle-aged couple something to bitch about you for, then bag yourself a leopard print version here. You're welcome!

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