Happy hump day! There's nothing quite like a mid-week wish list right before payday, who's with me?

Having just started back at uni for my third and final year (before the real adulting begins, yikes), I'm now totally and full in the mindset for Autumn/Winter clothing. Although with an hours commute, I'm all about comfort this year - with the added print or slogan to bump up the style points, obvs.
Stocking up on cosy jumpers, denim and of course a statement coat or two are the items I'm looking to purchase for the upcoming cold - making the 5:30am starts for uni that *little* bit more bearable.

To be honest, I could've added another 30+ items to this wishlist because I am lusting over EVERYTHING this season! I don't think the high street has ever looked so god damn appealing. Goodbye, student loan! 

Let me know your faves in the comments below. 
Much love x 


  1. How you've managed to find sooo many high-street pieces that look incredibly high-end, is beyond me! Always admired your style from afar so delving into you wishlist is even more exciting! Hope the good old student loan helps kick off your AW wardrobe properly.

    Bekki / x

    1. Oh babe thank you so much, that means the world! Aha, it certainly has - and won't be stopping anytime soon. ;-)

      Much love x


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