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Hello you lovely humans!

To kick back into things after a hectic month (so sorry for the lack of posts!) I thought I'd write up a few things that I'm really loving at the moment and share it on here with you all. Here goes!

1. Travelling
Never have I been one to shy away from the fact that I am a city girl through and through - despite growing up in Yorkshire. I love the buzz of a city and the feeling of endless opportunities before me. This year we've already done Edinburgh, London and Barcelona - and are hoping to do New York at Christmas time. New-bloody-York!!!!! 

2. The Gym (whaaaaat?)
Ok, so I never in a million years thought I'd be saying that I love the gym, but after binging on the run-up to and during my most recent holiday, I felt like utter crap. I was sick of waking up bloated and going to sleep feeling like my stomach is about to burst, and don't even get me started on my skin. It got so bad that the minute our plane landed back in the UK I practically leapt on the treadmill! Seriously though, I've now found a new love for working out my stresses for the day - and my mental sanity and skin are seriously thanking me for it, too!

3. Autumn/Winter
It may still be mid-August, but this weather is getting me geared up for the colder months already. Seeing the A/W clothes slowly seeping into the shops never fails to turn me into an excitable version of my 8 year-old self. Bring on the fluffy coats, Winter boots and mulled wine - wahoo!

4. Reading
There's nothing quite like a holiday to get you straight back into book-mode, is there? I sped through my holiday read after the first day on the beach, and now I've got the reading bug! Not to keep mentioning Autumn *ahem* but my favourite kind of night in is snuggling up with a book on an evening by the fire. (Someone pass me my knitted needles?)

5. Family Time
Tom and I had a spontaneous mini-break just before our trip to Barcelona, and it was just what we needed. My mum lives up in North Wales along with my youngest sister, so it was beyond brill to spend a super chilled week with them both in their cosy place in the hills. It seriously feels like you're in another world there! 

So there we go! Just a few, pretty simple things I'm loving at the moment. I think I'll make this a monthly thing where I can delve into a little more detail about new things I've loved that month. What do you think? 

I do hope you enjoyed and let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

Much love, T x


  1. Oooh, I hope you do get to go to New York around Christmastime (and take a lot of photos)! I'm sure that would be so fun. I'm SO ready for Autumn as well. I can't wait.

    This look is fantastic, those trousers are fantastic, and you definitely should make this a monthly thing!


    1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that's for sure, eee!

      Thank you so much lovely, I deffo will!

  2. Love this look! I am a city girl too, London, Barcelona and Lisbon are basically my happy places. New York is pretty high on my lift of places to visit so I will be looking out for that blogpost! x http://www.justsavxnnah.com

    1. Thank you honey! I'm absolutely dying to go to Lisbon, too - next on my bucket list for sure. We'll have to exchange travel tips haha ;) x


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