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Here's to the very first outfit post of 2017! So, it comes with a very fitting totally new outfit for me. My Instagram feed has been constantly flowing with cool blogger babes rocking the midi-skirt-and-band-tee attire for some time now, and I've decided that 2017 is the year to take the plunge and try something new - the midi skirt! I must say, I'm a total convert. Gimme all the midi skirts, please!

They're seriously just so bloody flattering. Making it seem like I have a teeny tiny waist whilst skimming over my chocolate-induced muffin top is always gonna win me over. This month alone - which is only one week in, might I add - I've already purchased three, two of which are both pleated and velvet. Really Tasmine, is there any need?

Fluffy neckwear has become another new-found love of mine over the past month. A much sassier, in-your-face approach to the humble scarf, and one that actually adds to a look rather than taking away from it. I've been swooning over Florence Bridge and her absolutely EPIC collection

Paired with this fab velvet skirt from the one n only Toppers, (where else?) the cool, silver tones in the fur pull the two together nicely. After much Pinterest-ing, band tees have definitely become a wardrobe staple and with an ultra-feminine skirt they make the for the perfect bad-ass fairy princess recipe, and I'm pretty flippin' keen for more of those tbh. 

On a final note, I'd like to just give a shoutout to my new boots. I AM IN LOVE. <3<3<3

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  1. This has made me want a midi skirt in my wardrobe now too! You are rocking it!! P.S. I am also in love with your boots hehe xx

    Lucy x |

  2. Love this edgy outfit! Looks great on you x

  3. Yes, I never used to like skirts. I'd wear the occasional mini skirt but from the day I tried on my first midi, I was hooked! I need more in my wardrobe. Yours is gorgeous, velvet is my weakness!

    / O.R.R. - Life & Style Journal

    1. Totally agree, the velvet was the part that sold me 😍

  4. Love the boots - and they look amazing with the skirt! I love midi skirts, and I'm so happy they're making a comeback!

    Elizabeth xx

    1. I swear these boots go with EVERYTHING!! Heck yeah, such a great trend!


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