Too Much Is Never Enough



Whacky jewellery, faux fur and statement boots are just a small handful of ways I like to add a little sumin'-sumin' to my outfits. When planning my look for the day, I often take simple pieces - a printed top and pair of jeans, for example - then let myself loose with the accessories. 

I absolutely love playing with colours, too. Be it clashing colours or a colour co-ordinated ensemble, I can't get enough! For this particular look, I took a pretty basic black and white outfit, and then went for tonal accessories - pinks and purples. Even my eyeshadow was in keeping with the look, a very very happy coincidence indeed! The standout piece for me just has to be these insane granny-esque pearly earrings. Seriously, how frickin' fabulous are they? They add the perfect bit of 'nutty grandma' to the outfit and pretty much tie the whole OTT look together.

My one and only rule when it comes to accessorising is: too much is never enough!


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  1. Another flawless look, I'm absolutely obsessed with your style! Love those earrings <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 


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