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Have you ever come across that one piece of clothing that just makes you feel freakin' fabulous?! Well I can say wholeheartedly that for me, this coat is it. The bomb-diggity. The one thing I could not live without, besides Nando's... and water, but let's just skip over the sciency bits.

Leopard print is my jam, and in this rich, emerald green shade is it any wonder it's my saviour this season? I'm not gonna lie, it looks absolutely ace with everything, and I mean everything. Having initially thought this would be one of those 'now and again' coats, boy was I wrong! I've thrown this coat on with the most wacky and wonderful outfits to date and it only adds to the extravagance of a look. It's without a doubt my showstopper piece this season and I'm oh so proud to be giving it's first debut on the blog for you guys. I'm hoping you all will love it as much as me because for as long as it's under 10 degrees outside, this baby will be gracing my body so I'm sure you'll be seeing a heck of a lot more of it before it's time to pop it away for Summer. (Noooooooo!)

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  1. That coat is the most amazing thing I've ever laid eyes upon! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 


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