Hidden Gems




First things first... when can I move in on this street?

Tucked away under a little bridge literally a minute's walk from our hotel in Hyde Park, was this hidden gem. I imagine this to be the sort of place you wake up on a morning, and a flock of tiny blue birds swoop in to help you into your silk robe. I wanna live here! Why is every single corner of London so goddamn photogenic? Popping out for milk? Better get your best gear on because there'll be a dozen #OOTD opps on the way. I bladdy love it. 

Looking back on these photos, I think this was the perfect outfit to shoot here, the colour palette compliments the street pretty nicely, and the trousers add that little bit of quirkiness that is always a must-have. Also, in case you didn't notice - I can't get enough of these sandals. I took around 4 pairs of shoes for an overnight stay at London not long back (I know, how did I manage with only 4, right?!) but to be totally honest, these were the ones I automatically popped on for my outfits. Although on a side note, after a good 5 hours on Oxford Street I thought my feet were swimming in a pool of blood, but at least they look pretty! Unfortunately these are now sold out, but fear not! The black versions (just as sassy, FYI) are still available on Topshop, which I've linked above. 

Happy shopping!

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  1. Love those shoes and the necklace!!! :D

    xx SofiaaDot

    1. Thanks hun! Trying to untangle that necklace was a task and a half, mind! 😂


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