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Jumpsuit - River Island via ASOS | Sliders - Topshop | Earrings - ASOS | Bag - Gucci 

Having seen many a social media platform buzzing with pictures from the stunning Greek city, I was practically bursting with excitement to arrive in such a picturesque place full of white walls, blue churches, the infamous beaches and the island's Greek traditions. I won't be doing a travel guide, as I think there are is a vast amount of them popping up, all of which are bound to be a lot better than mine! So instead, I'm just going to give a round-up of my time in Santorini, and some of the things I loved whilst there.

I never thought it possible for a place to be so mind-bogglingly gorgeous, but honestly, the photos don't even do this place justice. Never in my life have I experienced a view like Santorini at sunset. If you're thinking of going, I cannot recommend enough. The main tourist towns of Oia and Fira have an exciting buzz about them, the hustle and bustle growing by the evening as people stroll the pebbled streets, weaving in and out of secret alleyways, which only lead to yet more beauty. 

My favourite thing to do on the evening was visit one of the many restaurants/bars with an ocean view, and watch the sunset with a cocktail (or fanta lemon - give me a kiddy drink over some fancy-pants cocktail any day!).   If that didn't tickle our fancies, we would spend a few hours exploring the hidden parts of the towns, all brimming with small trinket shoes, hand-made jewellery, souvenirs, ice cream and more!

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  1. Gorgeous photos, really makes me want to visit Santorini. Love your jumpsuit, it's so cute <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

    1. It's such a stunning place, definitely go if you get the chance! Thank you gorgeous <3


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