A Little Getaway



Being a true Brit, I have a special place in my heart for cosy, family getaway in the heart of the forest. Since I can remember, Center Parcs has been a yearly ritual in my family. Every Summer without fail, we would throw our bags in the boots, lug our bikes on the roof rack, have our little packed lunches at the ready and wait patiently for the arrival to our villa.

To this day, Center Parcs still holds those precious childhood memories for me, so whenever I return I get ever-more excited. Obviously, a holiday like this isn't a call for the most stylish of clothes, particularly when torrential rain is on the cards 90% of the time, meaning my faithful Converse finally got a trip out of their boxes after far too long. 

It was the best feeling to spend time with my loved ones and take a well-needed break from the internet for a little while.

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