The Shade of Spring




Shirt - Topshop | Trousers - Topshop | Shoes - Office Shoes | Bag - Gucci

I think I've finally found my 'Spring' colour... pink? The most unlikely of colours for myself to swoon over, however this season pink has transformed me into a new woman. Pink eyeshadow, thanks to MAC's Mythology (which is insanely gorgeous), pink lipstick - Tom Ford's First Kiss - and even pink jewellery. Yep, pink hoops in my ears, would you believe it?

Also, apologies for these mules appearing on here yet again, and I'm afraid to say they probably won't be leaving any time soon either. They are just the most perfect Summer shoe, which is, of course, the perfect excuse to order them in the most stunning baby blue shade aswell, which I am way too bloody excited about. I feel like a lost puppy left home alone waiting for it's owners to return - face smushed against the window in anticipation. Mr Postman, where are you?!

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