Jacket - Topshop | Shirt - Topshop | Jeans - ASOS | Bag - Gucci
Sunnies - RayBan | Sandals - Topshop (similar here)

Are you guys sick of this bag yet? I think it may have featured as part of every outfit since it came into my life, but hey, at least my cost-per-wear is pretty damn good right now.

Which brings me on to these sandals. I'm totally loving the Isabel Marant vibes, and after forking out on this bag, I couldn't quite justify another £400 for them. Particularly as my shoe-drobe is already ridiculously out of control. These studded Topshop version make for the perfect Summer shoe, and are seriously comfy. Like, seriously. My feet have been living in these for the past week and they are most definitely grateful for the well-earned break from pointed-toe, heeled boots.

Despite being a Northerner, who in general see 8 degree weather as an ideal opportunity to go skinny dipping in the Arctic ocean, I'm always friggin' cold. So, tying in with the subtle, neutral undertones in the bag, I opted for a lightweight shackett (shirt/jacket dontcha know, I'm all about that multi-fuctional dressing) in my favourite colour: khaki.

I feel like khaki is just one of those colours that suits absolutely everyone and everything, emitting serious, effortlessly cool vibes wherever it may travel. Layered over an oversized shirt and accessorised with some RayBans slung over the collar, this outfit is pretty much my go-to Summer getup.


  1. Not at all, I love seeing how versatile that bag can be! This outfit is just perfection <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

    1. Honestly gal you're far too sweet! 🙈 Thank you lovely!! <3

  2. These photos are stunning Tasmine! I don't think you can ever get sick of that bag. It's so beautiful and versatile.
    Those sandals are a great! x Alona

    1. Aw thanks Alona! I totally agree, although I'll make any excuse to wear it now haha x


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