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Dress - Topshop (similar) | Jacket - ASOS | Shoes - Mango (alternative) | Bag- Primark (alternative) | Sunglasses -RayBan

Oh what a wonderful thing it is to spy something in your wardrobe that you had completely forgotten about. This Topshop Boutique gingham number has been sat in my wardrobe for the best part of 4 months now, still with tags attached would ya believe?

Now I'm going to admit something to you all now - let it be our little secret. I'm that horrendously annoying shopper who will return something a day before the receipt runs out because the moment I step through the door home with my new purchases, they become part of the furniture - scattered about my room never to be seen again...for the next 3-8 weeks anyway. Which in a way, I suppose is quite good. When I stumble upon these very purchases weeks or even months later, it brings with it that euphoric feeling, similar to finding that £20 note in your jeans that you haven't worn for a month. Isn't that the best?

I have no doubt that over half of my new purchases this year are yet to be worn, covered in a pile of even newer purchases which, in time, will be worn, and loved. Which, after an unnecessarily long ramble, brings me back to this amazing dress. There is nothing I love more than dressing down a dress with some boyish outerwear. In Summer I find my jacket options to be rather limited, so an oversized denim number in washed blues or blacks are my go-to throw-on piece this season. 

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  1. You look insane, you blog is literally such inspiration for me at the moment. Rediscovering clothes is always such a wonderful feeling. x

    1. Oh that's so sweet of you, that means a lot so thank you! 😘 And isn't it just! 🙌🏻 x

  2. Love how you've styled the dress! The shoes are perfect with it x

    Lorna | Girl in Albion

    1. Thanks Hun! They honestly go with everything, such a bargain x


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