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I'm forever looking for new blogs to follow. Obviously I like to look for style inspiration, but sites like Pinterest also come in pretty useful for that. 

I like to look for a blog that really shows the bloggers personality and makes you feel like a part of their world when reading their conent. Even if someone doesn't particularly have the same taste in style as myself, that doesn't mean I'm not totally head over heels in love with their blog! 

Photography is something else I am totally obsessed with recent, and is most definitely a pretty prominent feature in these wonderful women's blogs this month. So without further ado, let's continue!

I'm pretty sure all of you are aware of the amazing Danielle from WeWoreWhat. Living in New York , Danielle began her blog as a daily dose of outfit inspos, before growing into the relatable and covetable blog today, with a following of more than 1.5million. She covers everything from fashion to interior design, and has a rather large and enviable wardrobe full of designer and high street pieces. Not to mention those shoes!

Surprisingly, 5inchandup is a blog that only recently appeared on my radar. After being on the hunt for the highly coveted Dior Trianon boots (which unfortunately, still are not mine *cue sad violinist*), I found myself clicking onto Sandra's blog, a move I feel was simply fate. 

I don't consider myself 100% confident in my own personal style, but after browsing Sandra's blog, she has provided me with endless outfit inspiration, and has helped me define my style over the past month. But by far the thing I love most about 5inchandup, is the dreamy photography. Each set of photos tells an entirely new story and is in the dreamiest of locations.

The Fashion Guitar is one of my favourite blogs for day-to-day style inspiration - something a little whacky, OTT and colourful - sounds pretty good to me. She keeps her daily outfits pretty minimal, and adds crazy accessories to jazz it up, which is exactly what I like. She also rocks denim like no one else. Respect.

Although I've followed Sara on Instagram for a good year or so, it's only recently that I fell in love with her blog, for no other reason than I simply kept forgetting she had a blog beforehand. How?! I hear you cry? When I have the answer, I shall share, but until then, I'm just grateful she's now firmly in place in my blog reading list.

Finally, we have The Fashion Fraction. Similar to 5inchandup, I found Michèle's blog whilst on the hunt for some style inspo involved the Gucci Dionysus, which I'm umming and ahhing about whether to take the plunge, but after looking through the endless super chic outfit posts on this blog, I'm totally sold. This girl manages to make even the most man-repelling items look sexy, cool and effortless all at the same time - a skill which I am yet to master.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have found a few new blogs to read! I love creating these posts and sharing other talents, do let me know who your favourite blogs are at the moment in the comments!

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  1. Ah you chose such amazing bloggers! x


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