Knee Highs


Blouse - Topshop (Similar here, which I now want to buy!) / Skirt - Mango / Boots - ASOS

Not the most apt of locations for a knee-high, snake print, heeled boot, but so be it. Not living in a city proves difficult when it comes to hunting for a street of dainty white houses to casually hop about in front of while your boyfriend snaps away. 

Anyway, it's about time these boots made a solid appearance on my blog, since they are quite literally like my own children. Stored carefully in an abundance of tissue paper, in a box, in it's own little corner of my wardrobe so as not to be destroyed, I'm a little in shock I was even able to bring myself to wear them outside. I mean, what if the soles get torn apart by a rogue stone in the pavement? Oh, the horror. 

Maybe they should go back in the box...


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