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With Spring (hopefully) just around the corner, bringing with it warmer weather, it's about time I updated my wardrobe. Out with the sweaters, woolly scarves and fur coats (one I'm not too happy about but so is the sacrifice of craving summer), and in with the floaty tops, denim jackets and open-toe shoes - hurrah!

After spending the past few weeks browsing the endless world that is online shopping, I've noticed that Topshop has really, like really, upped their game this season. The past few months I've not been too bothered about Topshop, apart from the occasional shoe (or four), but now they are definitely back at the top of my favourite shops. 

I can't get enough of this white lace shirt. With it's dainty Victorian sleeves and collar, it gives the top a modern yet timeless feel, but paired with this longline black denim jacket and it's the perfect mix of old and new, bringing an entirely new vibe to the look.

I love mixing up styles from different eras with something super modern. Which shops are you loving at the moment? And what are your must-have Spring items at the moment?


  1. Topshop have got some great new stuff out! Love that lacey top you picked too. The shirt dress is also really nice x


  2. Great collage :)

    Best Michaela


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