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January is the month where we begin to feel a little guilty for the over-indulgence over Christmas, and usually the time when people swear to ditch the chocolate, join the gym, and shed the pounds. 

By now, these resolutions have more than likely already gone out of the window, replaced by the little voice in our heads telling us that one more chocolate or slice of pizza won't hurt. And I'll admit, I've succumbed to those voices more than I care to admit over the past few weeks.

So let me introduce the very thing that has brought back my motivation and kick started my fitness regime: Boohoo Fit. You can view the entire range here.

Obviously, you've all heard of Boohoo, but recently the brand has certainly upped their game in the fitness department. With a range of fitness gear to suit any shape, size or occasion, this might just be the perfect thing to get you back on track. 

After being kitted out with this gorgeous marble duo, I'm going to share with you some of my top tips for staying motivated and keeping fit in 2016. Let's go...


1. Inspiration
 I recently pinned up some images of body goals (attainable ones, don't go too overboard with unrealistic goals at first, or you'll just give up) and stuck them all together on a mood board in my room. I also popped a few on place like the inside of cupboards (where the biccies are!) and on the fridge etc, to stop you eating that chocolate bar that's calling your name.

2. Plan
I can't stress this point enough. Make sure you plan out what your meals and snacks are going to be for the upcoming week, and base your food shop on that. Not only will this stop you wandering to the confectionary isle in Sainsbury's, but you won't be left stranded on a Thursday night with the option of either chicken nuggets in the freezer or a takeout. 
It also sets you up for the week and prepares you for a healthy start.

3. Know Your Body
I worked out and ate healthy for about 8 months solid, and hardly saw any change in my body and I was so gutted I just have up, but I've now figured out that maybe that just didn't work for me - I now do weekly sessions of cardio in the gym, followed by some weight training, and I already feel so much more confident physically as well as mentally. Just try some things out and figure out what works best for you and your body.

4. Rest & Cheat Days
This is so important. If you don't rest, your body will never change. Your muscles need time to relax and get used to the changes they're going through in order to adapt. Try starting off by working out maybe 3 times a week, and work your way up until you feel comfortable, but don't ignore what your body is telling you. 
A cheat day is another great way to stay on track. Dedicate one day a week where you can indulge in something you love - this will ensure you stick to your goals of healthy eating during the week as you know you've earned it, and most importantly, not feel guilty.

So those are some of my top tips for keeping on track! 

What are your favourite pieces from the Boohoo collection to kick start your fitness journey? 


  1. They're in such a pretty pattern! Brill tips xx

    1. Thank you! Such a blogger cliché, but I couldn't resist the marble print! Xx

  2. Great tips - love the leggings!


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