Autumn in Winter


Jumper - ASOS | Jeans - Topshop | Boots - ASOS (similar here) |
Scarf - Topshop | Hat - Topshop | Bag - Zara

Apparently I'm really missing Autumn in these pictures. The location, outfit, and lack of 5+ layers are pretty much screaming "I'm sooo over Winter".

Living in the North of England, it's a pretty brave move to leave the house without a coat (or three) in January, particularly as we had snow only a week ago, but I'm getting to the stage now where, despite my overflowing coat collection (understatement of the year), I'm getting a little bored of layering - Summer, please!

I do love layering, but I've kept it simple here with an all black outfit and letting my accessories spice it up a little. I tend to avoid matching colours a lot as I sometimes feel it can look a little too put together, if you get me? But something about this camel and black look won me over.

I think black and camel/tan is a colour combination that always looks super chic and incredibly stylish. My advice is to let your accessories do the talking, just like I have here, and you're onto a winner.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Sometimes a little Fall in Winter is necessary. I love this look, and those boots are fantastic!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  2. I'm soooo over winter myself! I'm also a fan layering but this cold is way too much... Love your boots x

  3. your outfit is pretty cute :)


  4. I really love the mix of black and camel you have going on. Leopard print boots are so versatile - I'm convinced I need a pair.

    Rachel |

    1. Yes - you definitely do! Haha, thank you lovely.


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