(Jumper - ASOS, Jumpsuit - ASOS, Bag - Zara, Shoes - New Look)

There's nothing more pleasing to the eye (of a clothing addict...) than when you buy two things and realise weeks later that they are, in fact, a perfect match. 

When these two pieces just so happened to get hung next to each other in my wardrobe, I was a surprised by just how bloody great they look together! They were probably the last two things I would've paired together if I'm totally honest.  A belted jumpsuit like this seems so minimal, as though it should be styled only with various shades of cream or ivory, finished with a patent heel - but no! Pair it with an outrageous polo neck underneath and you have the perfect juxtaposition. 

It also provided me with yet another dreamy layering opportunity, so it's thumbs up all around from me!

x T


  1. This look is flawless! I love when the closet thing happens. It definitely worked here!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  2. Such a lovely pairing! Loving the culotte jumpsuit x



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