UNIF Rainbow


This jumper has everything I could ever look for in an item of clothing: knitted, oversized, colourful and striped. I mean, if that doesn't sound appealing to you, I'm not sure we can be friends (I am of course, joking….maybe). Anyone that knows me will know just how obsessed I am with this jumper, as evident by the fact I've worn it (almost) every single day at uni. Not the best first impression of my class mates, I'll admit, but at least I'm being an outfit repeaterer in style - if you got that Lizzie McGuire reference, I love you.

I wanted to keep the rest of the look pretty simple since the jumper is pretty eye-catching in itself, do obviously my first go-to items were my black skinnies and Chucks, finished off perfectly with my RayBans, which are probably the only reason I can find to dislike Winter. I miss my sunnies, ok?! Despite the hole left in my heart from not being able to wear my sunglasses anymore (damn you clouds), I'm excited to get a heck of a lot more wear from this jumper. Definitely worth the money.

Jumper - UNIF (Similar HERE), Jeans - TOPSHOP, Shoes - CONVERSE, Sunglasses - RayBans


  1. the link for "here" doesn't work! I would really like to purchase this jumper so please link it! looks lovely on you though xo

    1. Unfortunately the jumper sold out everywhere very quickly - I was lucky to get my hands on this one! Keep an eye out on ASOS though - they may re-stock if they get a return xx


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