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If there's one wardrobe staple my mother must have collected by the dozen for me as a toddler, it was a pair of denim dungarees. Be it a pinafore, dress or playsuit, I am yet to find a photograph of myself in the family album where I'm not sporting some kind of dungaree. Although not all were the classic blue, think more along the lines of custard-coloured, floral, and tartan pairs in abundance... *shudders*

Today the denim dungaree still has a firm place in the world of fashion. 

The pair I'm sporting today has much more of a modern twist on the classic blue pinafore style, and comes complete with patchwork detailing and a gold button-down front. Right up my street. 

You'd think since the pinafore was such a statement in itself, I would've kept the outfit simple, right? You think wrong my friends. Instead, I decided to go all out and throw in a mixture of patterns: stripes and leopard (which if you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know is a combination I wear pretty much daily). 

Dress - ASOS, Top - PRIMARK, Shoes - ASOS
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