I can't quite get my head around the fact that tomorrow is the 1st of October. Where on earth has the year gone?! Although I can't complain, I'm already perhaps a little too excited for Halloween (and don't even get me started on Christmas). So, with the end of another month, comes another monthly favourites of the things I've loved in September...

1. British VOGUE 
Since starting my Fashion Communication course at university, I've been encouraged to read a lot more magazines as part of my research (not a bad task, eh?). Now, clearly we've pretty much all bought Vogue at least once before, however I've never properly taken the time to read the articles and actually admire the creativity and thought put into each photograph. It's the perfect magazine to read on a lazy Sunday morning with a cup of tea in bed, although falling in love with several designer pieces probably isn't one of the best outcomes of this monthly fave...

2. B.Pure Micellar Products
As a blogger, I have a terrible confession. (Although one of predominantly fashion, not beauty so perhaps I'm excused for this terrible deed.) More often than not this year, my skincare routine has consisted of a wet flannel and a make-up wipe. I know, disgusting. However after stumbling upon these products in Superdrug a few weeks ago (on offer, obviously), I decided to take the plunge and step into the world of Micellar water, and boy am I glad I did. My skin has honestly never looked so bright and glowing before! All thanks to these babies, used every morning followed by a moisturiser. I'll definitely be popping up a skincare routine for you all very soon!

3. Lindor Chocolates
Is a 'favourites' ever complete without food? I think not. These aren't exactly a monthly favourite per say, due to the fact I pretty much gobble up a box of these more often than I care to say, however this month more than ever I've found myself craving them all the time. They're the perfect sized treat to have without feeling guilty! But let's face it, you can never stop at one.

4. Pom Pom Keyrings
A.K.A the sassiest addition to any bag or item of clothing. Ever. It's strange how many compliments a ball of fluff can encourage, but I won't lie, I do feel pretty darn cool with a pom pom at my side.

5. ASOS Snake Boots
Aside from my beloved leopard boots - also from ASOS - these are probably my favourite pair of boots I own. I was a little wary at first about what I would pair them with and how they would look with my more boldly coloured and patterned pieces, but they honestly just look an absolute dream with everything! Now I could probably write forever about these shoes, but I won't bore you to death. As well as being surprisingly comfortable, they're in a timeless print, meaning they'll take you through the seasons in style - win, win!

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  1. Those boots are amazing! Definitely timeless!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  2. I love those keyrings - need one for myself!

    Rachel |


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