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As we all know, the first thing to do when your student loan finally appears in your bank, is to go shopping (although perhaps not as much as I've done, resulting in a rather large dent in my loan, oops!). I quite surprised myself this time around though, as rather than trawling ASOS the moment I woke up, I decided to treat myself to some make-up bits as, let's face it, I think I have quite enough clothes already (well, debatable). Making the most of living a mere 10 minute metro journey away from the city centre in Newcastle, I headed straight to the MAC counter, and boy was it good. I never quite find myself as excited as when I'm stood swatching lipsticks and eyeshadows, knowing I can actually buy them without feeling guilty.

First on my agenda was the lipstick that I've been debating for a while now: Antique Velvet. It's a very dark, Autumnal shade made mostly of a deep brown with a tiny hint of red, but with a slight tan (admittedly not very likely in Autumn, which is why we thank the creators of tinted moisturisers and fake bakes), it really does add an edge to any outfit. Obviously I also had to re-purchase my trusty Velvet Teddy - the perfect daily nude lip.

As a lover of eyeshadows, I also decided to bag myself my very own buildable palette, starting off with some very un-me colours. 'Pink and purple eyeshadow? Me? You must be mistaken' is what I would've said last year, although my eight year-old self would have been giddy at the thought, but after watching one of the lovely Zoella's videos featuring similar shades, I knew they had to be mine! The perfect look to try out this season, ammirite? I also popped the shade 'Coppering' into my bag, a lovely, um, copper? shade that is too stunning for words. The lovely lady behind the counter also decided to give me a free mascara sample and although I don't think it's the best on the market, it certainly is good for the price and is a heck of a lot cheaper than some!

I also have my eye on a few more Autumn eyeshadows. Let me know which are your favourites for this season or if you have any recommendations (I could use the help!).

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