Toddler Dressing 101


If you ever need something to help you express your inner five year-old self, then dungarees are your thaaang. When I put these on for the first time (after not wearing dungarees since my younger, more care-free years where my first thought wasn't "does my bum look big in this?"), I was five years-old again, running around my nanna's garden with ice cream covering every inch of my face, without a care in the world. Obviously, your priority when buying something isn't going to be making you look like a toddler, but dungarees are just one of those things that bring out the child in you and seem to put a better spin on everything. Maybe I'm pinning a little too much hope on an item of clothing, but if I believe that dungarees are the solution to all life's problems, then don't burst my bubble.

Top - PRIMARK (Similar HERE), Dungarees- ASOS, Converse - OFFICE


  1. Cute outfit. I love overalls but I can't find a pair that suits me

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

    1. Thanks lovely! I find that Topshop have some great longer length ones in at the moment, or if you prefer shorter ones like these then ASOS have a great range x

  2. Dungarees are absolutely a summer must! I wore mine the other day when it was stupidly hot and I felt fab and carefree the whole day! x


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