Smart Stripes


I've always been a bit of a trouser-lover. Be it in the first year of high school fangirling over a pair of brightly printed neon ones, or my first year of college where I was drawn to any that could quite easily be mistaken for a pair of pyjama bottoms, but now my style has turned to plain and simple. Tailored peg trousers are my absolute favourite style as they seem to skim my huuuge hips and flatter my figure. With the 'smart' look not exactly being my fortè, I obviously had to stay true to myself and de-smarten (that's a word, right?) them with a trusty striped top and chunky sandals. I have a feeling this is going to be my go-to look for the next few months (swapping the sandals for my stan smiths or a pair of statement boots in colder months).

Top - PRIMARK (similar HERE), Trousers - ASOS, Sandals - ASOS, Bag - ZARA


  1. Absolutely babin'. Love this super smart look.

    Rachel |

  2. Lovin' this outfit! The chunky sandals and the doctor style bag add a cool edge to a smart outfit! x

  3. Love this look, it looks very french. :)


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