Welcome to my August favourites! This is probably one of my favourite 'Favourites' posts (gosh I'm so good with words) I've done. There's some seriously amazing things included so keep on reading to find out what I've been loving this month!

1. ASOS Magazines
If you're a fellow ASOS Premier member, I think you'll share my love for their mags. Packed full of style inspo, juicy previews and some seriously amazing shoes (can someone please tell me when these babies go live?), it's by far my favourite magazine and something that I probably get a little (read: hugely) too excited for.

2. Betty's Macaroons
Oh. My. God. I genuinely find it pretty impossible to put into words how amazing these are (or were before I scoffed the entire box in one sitting). After an amazing birthday afternoon spent at Betty's in York (stay tuned for a post coming very soon!), after trying one of the raspberry macaroons in the Afternoon Tea, I pretty much leapt straight from my seat to the gift shop to bag myself a box-full. 

3. Converse
Ah, my beloved Chuck Taylors. My instagram feed is basically full of #shoefies wearing these babies. Not only do they add a bit of Chung to an outfit, they're the comfiest little things ever. Major style points from me!

4. Suede Trench Coat
Need I say anything at all? Just look at it! Never have I seen such a beautiful item of clothing, thank you ASOS Gods for bringing this baby into my life.

5. Olympus Pen E-PL7
*Heavy breathing* OK, so my amazing boyfriend bought me this camera for my birthday, and I honestly still can't get over it. After lusting after this beauty for longer than I care to remember, it's finally mine, and boy is it good. I'll be doing a review of it in September so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for it if you're thinking of getting one!

So that's it for my favourites this month, I hope you enjoyed it! What have you been loving this month?

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  1. It was such a nice gesture of him... :)


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