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So if you're a regular reader of my blog, you may have noticed I've been lacking the past week or so. Purely due to the fact that literally everything in my family always gets booked in for the last week of summer (holidays, seeing family, birthdays etc), this is probably one of the most hectic times for me.

Last Thursday, my boyfriend and myself hopped on a train to London for a few nights for our birthdays, although our hotel didn't actually offer wi-fi (I may or may not have let out a tear) hence the lack of posting there. Then, after a late train journey home yesterday and arriving back at my house around 8pm, I had to unpack, wash my hair, sort out my clothes and then re-pack again for a family trip to York first thing this morning. Pretty hectic as you can probably imagine - think floordrobe times ten, with the odd crisp packet thrown in.

So now I'm in York for a few days with limited time and internet access, so I'm just squeezing in this post to assure you all that I am in fact still alive, and will be back to regular posting on Thursday! To make up for the lack of posting I've been snapping away non-stop in some amazing locations, so there's some real juicy posts coming your way reeeal soon...

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