...and I'm off!


I'M OFF TO TENERIFE! Yes, holiday time is finally here after what seems like an eternity of immense jealousy scrolling through everyone (and I mean, everyone) posting lovely sunny foreign beach photos while I sit at home crying into my granola about the torrential rain. Why is it that when you're most desperate to go on holiday asap, every single person you've ever met/smiled at/pulled a tongue at when you were five years old, is already there?

Anyway, it's finally time for me to hop on a plane away for a week of relaxing and eating monumental amounts of waffles and ice cream, and did I mention waffles? Until my next post when I return, ta-ta for now lovelies! 


  1. seeing everyones holidays snaps on insta is making me super jealous i totally get what you mean

  2. Ooooh tenerife sounds lovely! I'm so jealous.

    Edie x


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