Double Denim


Double denim, what a dream! I've always been a lover of double denim, in particular clashing different tones all together in one look. I couldn't be happier that it's officially back in trend. I've been rocking double denim looks for what seems like forever now, but this is the first time I've actually posted one of the looks! After the delish AC for AG collection swept the world away, retailers were quick to jump in on the action, and I must say that this Topshop skirt is almost the exact replica of one of the pieces, minus the well-out-of-student-budget price tag. Then onto the shirt, which I went the complete opposite side of the denim spectrum in, by getting it in a washed baby blue colour, and oh how I love it! Finishing it off with a final 70s touch (obviously!), I added these chunky platforms to balance out the blues and complete the look.

Outfit: all TOPSHOP

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