Sunshine, Suede & Missing Socks


As I previously mentioned when I posted about this suede beaut, it would be featuring a LOT in my upcoming Spring outfits. It adds that perfect pop of colour to an otherwise dull, minimal outfit. This jumper has been in my wardrobe for absolute donkeysss, so I thought it deserved a little outing after being crumpled at the back of a shelf for God knows how long. Poor thing. I just paired it with my trusty loafers, which I had originally planned wearing with my fishnet socks - yes, that is a thing, I promise - for that extra added detail, but unfortunately they have disappeared into the void where hair grips and bobbles galore go. Alas, wherever they are, I hope they're happy.

Have an amazing weekend guys! I'll hopefully also be posting a lot more regularly now that all my coursework is finally done *weeps with happiness*.

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  1. im in love with your jacket! Such a good length for you!

    Aine Oh


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