Suede Jacket of Dreams.


A new jacket is a very satisfying thing. It can provide an immediate wardrobe update and endless new outfit possibilities. Throw it over your shoulders, leaving your arms loose, for effortless style and convenience points. The only thing that makes a new jacket better is when it's suede. Ah, yes. The fabric of the season. And this Mango brown jacket is no exception. The clean cut edges and sharp lines caught my eye instantly on the ASOS website, and it hasn't been off my mind since, so when it finally came back in stock in my size you can imagine the happiness (think tears of joy and slight hysterics taking place whilst attempting not to choke on my toast from the excitement). The more structured the jacket is, the better, in my opinion. It's lined beautifully, making it perfect for those slightly cooler days. I can trust that this is the sort of jacket that can take me through many days to come and still have my back. Thank you Mango angels.


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