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Last weekend, my boyfriend and I spent a lovely weekend in London. By far one of our favourite places in the world, we'd been desperate to get back there since our last trip there in October, so it felt great to get back. The buzz of the city and the busy lifestyle is something that I just cannot get enough of and am determined to be part of one day. Admittedly, I do love living in the countryside, but there are times when you feel as though you've pretty much exhausted things to do there, whereas I feel as though in a city like London there are just endless places to explore, leaving it near impossible to ever be bored. 

Anyway, back to the trip! We arrived around midday so after dropping our bags off at the hotel (which is a mere 10 minute walk to Oxford Street - what more could you ask for?!), we spent the afternoon perusing the shops in Oxford Street and managed to find a cute little cafe to stop for a coffee break down one of the side streets. After having well and truly 'shop 'til you drop', we headed back to the hotel with a Dominos (old habits die hard).  

The next two days pretty much consisting of travelling/sight-seeing/getting the tube to any place we liked the name of. Obviously, Camden was first on the list - it's my favourite place in London. The variety of things there range from quaint little vintage clothing and food stalls to full-blown 20ft robots guarding the doorway to a neon store. Although my favourite had to be a stall called Crispy Candy, which offered an enormous range of sweet treats, including deep fried oreos, mars bars, creme eggs and more! I opted for an oreo milkshake which was quite literally, heaven in a cup. 

I could go on for hours about what we did but I'll let the photos speak for themselves. I had a really fun few days and it was so great to explore some new areas of London, as well as visiting the oh-so-familiar parts, too, thanks London!

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