SS15 ASOS Wardrobe.


Image 1 of ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Smock Dress With Crochet Image 1 of ASOS Woven Playsuit with Flare Sleeve in Floral Print Image 1 of New Look Suedette Mini Aline Skirt Image 1 of Mochi Trophy Jacket with Mirror Embroidery Image 1 of Mango 70s Suede Jacket Image 1 of ASOS Festival Stone Cut Out Cuff Bracelets Image 1 of ASOS Felt Fedora Hat With Sun & Moon Trim Image 1 of ASOS Flare Sleeved Playsuit With Tie Back In Tile Print Image 1 of ASOS PRESS SHOOT Mules Image 1 of ASOS ROCKER AND ROLLER Multi Buckle Ankle Boots Image 1 of ASOS Sundress In Patchwork Hand Crochet Image 1 of Milk It 70s' Patchwork Suede Zip Front Dress Image 1 of ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Mini Skirt With Button Through In Baby Cord Image 1 of ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Dress With Embroidery Image 1 of ALDO Across Body Bag with Tribal Textile Print Image 1 of ASOS Denim Shirt Dress with Patch Pocket
Asos have seriously upped their game this Spring. The past few days I've bene sat drooling (not literally, but almost..) over their new collection. I'm in desperate need to update my wardrobe since it's made up of around 90% wooly jumpers left over from the desolate memory that is Winter.

I'm hoping that the majority of these will actually be mine soon, but for now I am left wistfully dreaming of these since I'm attempting to save my money (ha) for my boyfriend and myself's trip to London in April for our 2 year anniversary. So until then, ASOS, and all of your tempting goodies, I bid you a hearty farewell. Gone but not forgotten (for now).

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