The Knitted Midi.


Yes, I have succumbed to buying the famous knitted midi. After seeing ASOS's own Freddie style this gorgeous piece here I just had to buy it. That woman could probably persuade me to buy a bin bag... 

We all know the temptations of winter like being cocooned in bed watching Netflix, overdosing on hot chocolate, and pretty much eating our own weight in left-over chocolates from Christmas. So what better than a loose-fitting knitted dress to not only keep you warm but also hide those food babies? 

In my experience, we all lose any hope of looking cool in winter, so my style tip is literally just to go all-in with this baby, forget about the 'glam' or 'sexy' look and whack some trainers on, maybe even add some novelty socks for a pop of colour. You might even want to add some heels instead.

How would you style this piece? Pop a comment below!


  1. Love this knit dress looks so cosy especially paired with that furry clutch/scarf from ASOS right? Grey is such a good colour for it to - it is the new black after all :)

    x B

  2. really nice dress and you have styles it well!


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