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So today it's my birthday! My boyfriend has spoilt me rotten with gifts, starting from perfume, jewellery, makeup and my favourite thing... shoes! On this post I'm going to share with you the makeup he bought me (all benefit! I'm in love).

So firstly I want to talk about my favourite one of the makeup products which I've been debating whether or not to purchase for a long while now: 'Brow zings'. After reading nothing but positive reviews I've been extremely tempted to buy, but never got around to it! I must say, after trying it out I am so pleased with the results! My brows have never looked so natural yet full, and what's more, they've stayed in place all day thanks to the wax. I am fair-skinned and have very dark hair and I use shade medium which is perfect for my face. 

Next is 'Sun beam'. I already use 'high beam' as my daily highlighter, but am so glad I've got sun beam to wear with it! I'm aware that both products are highlighters for different skin tones (light and dark) however I use sun beam as my bronzer, and surprisingly it looks really well paired with high beam. 

The final two products are two of which I have been desperate to try for sooo long, so I was over the moon when I opened them! Although I have many lipsticks of different brands, I have never tried a mac one. I've been looking for a matte, pinky-nude colour for a while now and luckily enough that's exactly what my lovely boyfriend got me. The shade is 'Please Me' and especially with such pale skin it looks wonderful and is very long-wearing. 

The final product is a package of two products for the eyes: "they're real!" mascara and the 'push-up liner'. I used to use the mascara daily however when I ran out I couldn't bear to pay £20 for a new one, but I'm glad it's back - I've missed it. The push-up liner is another product I've been meaning to try and I have to admit, I'm impressed! This is easily the best and smoothest eye-liner I've had.

My boyfriend has done well, thank you Tom! 

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